how be Importer with little fund

I just wanna share my experience when I import goods from China to Indonesia.

that time I so hopeless.
I ever import fashion bag from China before but make me go a broke because it's need big capital and bags need long time to sold ...also the little profit.
so I stop to import bags again.
I sell cosmetic with I buy from retail shop at my country , the cosmetic also import from China .
turns out it was more profitable
because cosmetics are often sought and used routinely

my Hobby is sketch and coloring my sketch use a hand in android because I don't have stylus.
i try find and buy cheap stylus for my android by online at one of big online shop e commerce Indonesia

the seller sell for 1 stylus android $ 6.00
This is the lowest price being sold in Indonesia,
and i use it only 2 days because the plastic chip is broke
i try to find seller who sell plastic chip
than accidentally I find this item at Aliexpress,
I search stylus and i find same stylus like I a buy before.
damn they sell only $1.73, I saw it's free shipping to my country
ah this is good chance , so I buy 6 pcs stylus with my credit card , seller good they fast send my order and 2 week I receive them .
I have online shop , I sell stylus $5.00
guess guys..!!! 1 day 6 pcs stylus sold..
I am Happy and buy again
it's not spend money until tens of millions
after all, I bought with credit card the price of 1 million could be paid in installments with 0 % interest.
then I sell other goods which in Indonesia sold under the price of Aliexpress

you can try guys maybe you can find some product which you can't find in your country

so opportunity many people who looking will be a lot more too

sorry for my poor English
I hope you guys understand for my post