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Guitar Part FT-350CE


NeckCanadian Hard MapleHead Stock VeneerMaple VeneerBody SideMahogany VeneerBody Top/BackMahogany VeneerBody Top/BackSolid Spruce (B Grade), EngelmanTop BraceSpruceBack BraceSpruceAngle-PostMahoganyBack BlockMahoganyRibbon (Purflings)SpruceTruss Rod395mm Double (Up & Down)Truss Rod CoverG7-1 Type, BK Gloss 2 PlyNut43mm*5t, Tronical "Speed Nut" WHFret WireH-18, 2.0mm A Type 20FHead Logo"Epiphone", Real WH PearlHead MachineRobo tuners with washer and nut (Ni), Min-ETune Electronics,
Battery and charger unit for electronics (Include in 2 type adapter, 10A/250V with rectangular type
plug, 6A/125V 250V with round type plug)StringYB EXP-16N (012-053 Gauge)Heel CapH-55 WH (1.5t)PickguardNavarro-1 Type, Tortoise 1ply (0.6t)End PinEN001 NiEnd Pin FeltPF10, BKBindingABS, BK, 0.5mm*1.5mm*1700mmBridge PinBP-001, WH (Dot:BK)Bridge SaddleBone, 76(L)*3(T)*10(H), CompensatePreAmp (EQ)ePerformerSound Hole LabelEpiphone FT-350S…