Send money use Western union to China

Hi friends...
I want to sharing my experience send money use western union to china
this is my first time I send money use WU..
I must send money to my friend on china on guangzhou because I use she money to buy some bag on
the amount is 1,990 yuan(RMB) = +/- IDR 3.800.000..arround my place is easy to find WU agent one of them Indomart(mini market).
so I ask to my friend to give me she copy ID Card because i must use she name to send money..
yes..she send me the copy but I want to cry because I can't read , you want to know why..because the ID card is use script chinese tradisional I ask my friend to translate the words.
he give me Zhou li..Zhou is she sure name or family name.
I already get the name and go to indomart agent to send money for lily...I see the indomart agent write on the column first name he write Zhou li and on the last name column he write no last name..I not asked about this because I thought this maybe usually use if the received name don't have last name.
and than I get MTCN no and I contact lily (zhou li) and tell her the MTCN no...
after for couple week lily go to the bank to take the money and she wait until 3 hour there..but how she shock when he can't not get the money because the name is wrong..
it should be on the first name column is LI and on the last coulmn is I go back to the agent to cancel and get the money and send back the money
the agent suggestion me to change the name ...
I deal but is need 1 week to revision the name because the virtual center move from Bogor to jawa timur ..
the agent email to virtual to change the name...and tomorrow day virtual confirm they already change the name..
I call lily again to take the money and she go again to the bank...but she still can't take the money because there was remark " no last name" .. I facepalm " oh my GOD"
tomorrow I go back to Indomart agent to cancel it
but the agent suggestion again to remove the remark" no last name " on virtual
again and again I must wait because this must propose to virtual directly
so on friday the agent help me to revision the name, he go to purwarkarta jawa timur to process this..
on monday he back and confirm that " no last name" has remove from system...
for make sure I call CS WU indonesia
this is for three time I shock..
CS says even " no last name" has remove Lily will not get the money because Zhou name has black list by WU..
so I ask why? CS says Zhou name is  listed as the name of fraudsters on WU system, so when agent virtual try to repair the name the system automatic black list li zhou name...
 so with a little up set I go the the indomart agent to cancel the MTCN
and this time they agree, the cancel it and back my money I only lost fee IDR 90.000
on the next day I send the money again use name husband  Lily and this time is correct
the sure name(family name/marga) must in fill on the last name column..

hope this posting can help you which want to know how to send money to china

happy blogger!!!