Even if it's what you really think you need to do, a divorce can be painful for everyone involved. No one likes to think of starting their life over again, facing financial upheavals, and hurting their own children, but these situations are all looming when you think of divorce. Unless there are very extenuating circumstances, such as spousal abuse, mental illness, or numerous infidelities, there may be a way to revive your ailing marriage and stop divorce. That would be to connect with an online marriage coach who will be able to show you the road back to marital health using proven techniques.
Stop and think about all the things that a divorce will do to change your life. You may have to move to a new residence. That involves paying deposits and moving expenses and maybe storage fees when everything you own won't fit into your new place. You will likely have shared custody of your children which will mean you're only involved in their lives part of the time. You will also have to deal with your ex-spouse remarrying and providing a stepparent for your children. Are you really going to want to have your kids raised by strangers who may or may not even like them?
Your finances may end up in disarray. You may or may not be given enough child support to keep living your life, but it could be less than you need, or your ex may not even pay you regularly, so you can't count on it. You will assume the full responsibility for the children as far as arranging child care while you're working, figuring out how to get them to school and back, taking care of them when they're sick, and driving them back and forth to various activities. Even with only partial custody, a lot of extra burden will still fall on your shoulders.
Then there's the dating scene. It's been a long time since you dated, and when you do so, you may discover that your ex, problems and all, was better than anyone else you can find while you worry about being alone the rest of your life. How much simpler it could be to work with a marriage coach in order to repair your marriage and continue on through life with your partner! So, think about it long and hard before taking the plunge, and you may be able to stop divorce before it happens.